Madison Park Volunteer Fire Company (
 MPVFC) is a volunteer fire company located in Old Bridge Township, NJ.

We operate one engine (Engine 407), one aerial (Ladder 408), one brush truck (Brush 414), and two commands vehicles (Chief 400 and Chief 420). We also work with  Old Bridge Fire District #4′s Fire Prevention Bureau, and they have two support vehicles (540, 541).  Both Engine 407 and Ladder 408 carry a full compliment of extrication equipment, and are able to remove entrapped victims from car crashes.

We operate out of one station (419), which was built between 1956 and 1958 by our original members. Since that time, there have been several additions to the building over the years, including a fully functional training center.

The Madison Park Volunteer Fire Company protects a population of about 15,000 in an area of approximately 2 square miles. Our primary coverage area includes Rt. 9, a major gas line station, several major big box type stores and various other businesses. We respond to approximately 120 alarms each year, ranging from vehicle accidents, carbon monoxide and fire alarms, smells of smoke, unknown odors, as well as any type of fire that occurs in our response area.  MPVFC will also respond mutual aid into neighboring towns and fire districts when requested.

Besides answering fire calls, the members are required to participate in training through out the year, and perform house duties weekly on Wednesday night. MPVFC also participates in many fund raising activities, township activities and public relations events.